Protomic Security is a home and business alarm
installation company based in Cape Town, South Africa. At Protomic Security we take the relationship and security of our clients seriously.

The company was founded by Paul Stevens in 2003 after which the security firm for which he had worked for thirteen years was sold. Paul decided to make use of this opportunity to start his own security business motivated by his ability of recognizing the needs and wants of peoples day to day security needs.

The company prides itself on that, of which it has been built namely Trust, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind having been the three most important ingredients for the success of this venture. The company represents just that, with technicians that can be left to work in your home. Trustworthy enough so that you do not have to take a day off work. We have prided ourselves in having compliments from clients that they have felt safe and secure in the presence of our technicians.

Efficiency: We offer a 24 hour 7 days a week service with qualified and experienced technicians who do not take longer on a job than is necessary all in all minimizing your down time should it happen.

Peace of Mind: here we rely on the best products which we install tailored to your specific security needs.